Digital Photography:

Our experienced photography team can provide you with clear and sharp professional images. Quality clear images are essential for the promotion of any product or service, boosting sales & bookings. From catalogues to holiday cottages.  They say an image can speak a thousand words, if this is true, our photography department are poets!

drone shots

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Film & Video:

At Fluid Digital Media we can offer high production values along with an impeccable service that will ensure a smooth project from brief to screen. We specialise in building brand awareness and videos that will engage and inform your viewers. We produce compelling video content that delivers website traffic, improves branding and boosts your sales.

drone footage

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Audio Recording:

From live music events to audiobooks, Fluid Digital Media can help with all your sound recording needs. Our Devon-based residential studio is available with an engineer and luxury accommodation. Alternatively, our on-site service can supply equipment, record or engineer any live events or sound. If you need to capture any noise, for whatever reason we can help.

upto 16 channel
live events
devon studio
sound engineering

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Web Design:

We create fully managed, personalised, mobile-friendly, visitor attracting websites. Our first step is to sit with you over a cuppa to make sure we understand your business and your needs. We are available for one-off projects or to work alongside your team to build and maintain all aspects of your digital presence. In this ever-changing world, it's good to stay fluid.

dynamic data

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Are You Based in South West England?

We live in, work in, play in and love the southwest! If you are based in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset or Somerset we can assure you of a personal, friendly, face to face service whenever needed.

In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, it's good to stay fluid...

As the name suggests we are all about digital media. From photographs and videos to Facebook and eBay, there is a massive opportunity to increase exposure and sales.

Running any business today without taking advantage of these opportunities is like winking at someone you fancy in a pitch-black room...  You know what you're doing, but nobody else does.

Fluid Digital Media can help you.  We are available for one-off projects or we can work alongside your team to provide professional help and guidance in all aspects of your digital presence.

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Fluid Digital Media
  • Branding & Presence, Web Design & Development

    It's not just where you are seen but also how you are seen

  • Professional High-Res Photographic Images

    High quality digital images of catalouges or sevices

  • High-Definition Digital Video Production

    Promotional or instructional videos helps to build brands

  • Studio Quality Audio Recording

    16 channel digital audio recording and editing

  • Multi-channel sales management

    Sell products on eBay & Amazon direct from your site

  • Multi-channel social media content

    Connect to all your social media accounts from one UI



analyse... apply... adjust...
Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development...

We are a fun, authentic and enthusiastic digital agency offering a full range of digital services, from web design to digital marketing. We are passionate about delivering results not promises.

We specialise in bespoke website design & development. We create beautiful sites that are engaging, accessible, easy to use and easy to find. We can create e-commerce or dynamic data sites to simple, elegant single pages. All our sites are fully responsive and will look great from mobiles to huge screens.

We can also, if you require, plan and implement your digital marketing strategy, including SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, email marketing, and everything in-between.

It has never been so important to take advantage of the digital world. Fluid Digital Media can help with an effective online presence and an efficient digital strategy.

Branding & Presence...

The term 'Branding' is derived from the ancient Norse word 'Brandr', meaning 'to burn'. By the ‘Middle Ages,’ it had come to mean the mark that farmers burned on their cattle to signify ownership.  A precursor of what we would know as the modern logo.

Yet branding today is so much more than just a look or a logo. It has come to signify the emotional “gut feeling” reaction a company’s image can elicit from its customers.

Effective branding can help you stand out from your competitors, add value to your products or services, engage loyalty with your existing customers and help extend your client base.

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Digital Photography

Professional High-Res Photographic Images

Our digital photography service is available on location or from our studio located on the Devon/Cornwall border.

With the rise of online retail, high-quality e-commerce product photography has become essential.  With our experience in commercial product photography, we have the technical ability and creative flair to capture your products at their very best.

Architectural photography is another speciality of Fluid Digital Media. We can offer creative solutions to holiday accommodation and estate agents.

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Digital Video

High-Definition Digital Video Production

Effective video production has never been so important. From social media and YouTube to promos, adverts and instructional videos. In today's digital world your clients expect more.

Fluid Digital Media can help you create high impact film. Our mix of fluidity, experience, creativity, brand awareness and technical knowledge is a cocktail that is sure to boost brand awareness and sales.

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creative... compelling... communication...


dream... design... develop...
Digital Audio

Studio Quality Audio Recording

Fluid Digital Media can help you hear your projects come to life. From video game audio voice-over, VR audio, promotional, instructional and radio adverts to live band recording and soundscapes... we'll provide you with optimal audio.

We can help you through the process, including … Designing the format, finding the perfect presenter, researching, scripting and structuring. We can offer our recording services on location or in our Devon studio.

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Multi-Channel Sales Management

Fluid Digital Media can create an easy to use CMS to enable you to control stock, prices and sales across multiple platforms, all from one interface. We can also create multi-platform booking systems for hotels, b&bs and holiday cottages.

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entertain... explain... excite...
Multi-Channel Sales Management
Multi-Channel Social Media Content

Multi-Channel Social Media Content

Sharing your posts on social media is essential if you want to increase visitors to your website, automatically post to social media from one interface and significantly improve your workflow and site traffic.

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    We can offer specialist services for:

    Whatever your sector we welcome your enquiry.
    If your business is in any of the following sectors we have extensive experience or can offer special rates.


    Our specialist service to Hotels, Holidays Cottages and B&Bs can drive more direct bookings and save you money on OTA fees.
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    Estate Agents
    & Architects

    We have years of experience in working with estate agents and architects. We understand what is need. Give your property that extra touch.
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    If your project has an environmental or social benefit, if you are a not for profit or a charity, please do get in touch. we offer discounted rates.
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    Music & Art

    Our personal passions are music and art. We can offer special packages to art projects giving additional services or discounted rates.
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    Our Eco Policy

    We are located on the Devon and Cornwall border. We work from a straw bale office on an organically run farm. We look out over a wildflower meadow with the rolling hills of Devon behind. Our Electric Supply is supplied by Ecotricity and comes from renewable resources. We care.

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    Discounted Rates

    Fluid Digital Media can offer discounts or additional services to any projects that have a social or environmental benefit. If you are involved in such a project please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you and discuss how we may help.

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    News, Reviews & Information from Southwest England, all in video format.
    If you are going to the southwest UK...

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