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Fluid Digital Media can offer a complete digital audio recording service. We can record up to 16 channels either in our studio on the Devon and Cornwall border or on location throughout the southwest UK with our mobile recording system.

Our recording services are tailor-made to suit your needs. We can accommodate almost any recording project from a single person to a large group. Whether it’s over top of existing material, or you’re starting organically from scratch.  We work to suit you and your production style and if you are not sure what your production style is we can happily offer some guidance.

We can help with almost any type of recording project.  From music to audiobooks, instructional to advertising.

We have a good range of studio and portable recording and mixing equipment.  However, Should your project require any specialist equipment we do not have we can always hire it in. We can offer a wide variety of solutions both in-studio or on location and can include a wide range of library sounds and effects.

We offer a range of recording services for the spoken word.  Our Mobile Recording studio comes to your location anywhere in the southwest UK to record the source material for projects including business podcasts, audiobooks, lectures, meetings, training courses, networking events and conferences.

If you have any sound you need to capture please do get in touch and we would be happy to see how Fluid Digital Media can help.

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Studio Recording Services

Our straw bale recording studio is very rural and peaceful and located on the Devon and Cornwall border.

We recognise audio recording is about the process of capturing a performance. To perform well, you must be relaxed, comfortable, and well cared for.

That’s why our Devon studio is all about the service, the quality and the vibe. Our studio is based in a warm straw bale timber-framed building with stunning views across a wooded Devon valley.

The studio is available to hire from the hour, the day or residential with luxury accommodation and full board dining.  We assure you of a unique experience and exceptional service whatever option you choose.


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On-Location Audio Recording Services

With solutions almost as endless as in-studio we can supply everything for both producing and capturing sound in almost any location.

Our Mobile Recording studio comes to your location anywhere in the Southwest UK to record the source material for your projects.  This can include business podcasts, audiobooks, lectures, meetings, training courses, networking events and conferences.

We can record artists, authors and business professionals from the comfort of their own home or a venue of their choice.

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audio recording services

Digital Audio Recording Services:

Recording Music and Voice
Recording your performance in a professionally designed acoustic space with pro engineers can bring your music to the next level and ensures everything sounds good before we even begin to mix

Live Sound Audio Recording
Whatever the reason for needing to record sound live, in a remote location rather than in a studio Fluid Digital can help.  Our portable sound recording and be as simple as a handheld fully portable unit to a full mixing desk to cover your band's live performance or your companies business conference.  Whatever the reason, for whatever purpose we can record it.

Music Production
Our true passion is to help your artistic vision become a reality.  We have collectively, many years of experience working in the music industry from all perspectives.  From recording and production to distribution and branding.  Our business is to support your creativity.  We can offer a peaceful secluded studio or assistance with recording live performances.  In addition to recording, we can help with stage equipment, PA systems and lighting too.  If you are a musician based in the West Country and looking for some production help, do get in touch.

Audio Mixing
We provide you with high quality, radio-ready mixes & masters, to achieve the sound you are looking for. We first seek understanding about your vision. We can usually offer you a choice of producer depending on your style and budget.  Whether you’re an established recording artist, producer, singer/songwriter, DJ or just a passionate musician, we can help your music to sound warm, dynamic, punchy and crystal clear. Mastered for a platform-wide release and sound perfectly balanced on every audio device.

Voice-Overs & Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
Pristine audio captured with precision and skill. From audio books and voice-overs to syncing voice to picture. Record high-quality voice-overs, ADR, and foley, for commercials, radio, television, film, or the internet. We offer phone and skype patching abilities, as well as talent casting if necessary. We do all types of educational, and non-fiction for entertainment audio-book productions. We can help you record yourself, or hire a professional voice actor. We can help create professional content with licensing music and sound effects like in a movie for more engaging content!

Original Music & Sound Design
Foley. SFX. Mixing layers of lovely sound. Maybe just a bit of silence in the right place. Our talent pool of composers, producers, sound designers, and engineers will elevate your project to new heights and audio delights.

Sonic Branding
Your company is unique should sound that way.  Distinctive and memorable sound signatures you and your brand deserve.

Casting & Directing
There is a wonderland of voices, producers, directors, musicians and composers to choose from, let us help narrow it down for you. Our connections with music talent in the UK and around the world allow us to find the right artists for your project.

Score Selection & Music Licensing
Sometimes the music you’re looking for is already out there, let us find it for you, clear it, and have you on your merry way.  Collectively we have centuries of being an audience.  We have extensive knowledge and libraries and an uncanny ability to match music to scenes and states.

Podcast Recording & Support
We offer help with podcast recording and all phases of podcast production. Just let us know if we can help record, edit, mix and master your podcast for consistency and quality.  Our professional staff can assist you with using, microphones headphones and other equipment that will make your output sound rich and clear!

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